Not quite dry…

The first half of January was great – and it’s rare I say that… I’ve never been a big fan of the month. The White Rabbits contest was an absolute dead heat, another first. I survived a fantastic New Year’s Day lunch without a drop of what looked to be amazing wine passing my lips, the same can be said about an outing to the Gin Trap with the Jacksons and a very jolly dinner party.

I have returned to boot camp and to yoga, and even managed a trip to the dentist without going in to melt down – I was on a roll. Work was steady, we ‘inherited’ the most perfect custom built Honey HQ – converted cattle sheds, transformed for another local bee keeper who now sadly has alzheimer’s and can no longer work – everything was pretty perfect. OK so Growler and I had to give up an entire weekend to join Leigh scrubbing the place from top to bottom – but it will revolutionise production this season.

My annual gremlins did get to me in the second half of the month so dry January became a little damp, but it wasn’t all bad. A trip to BETA with Ros paid off – I think we have a couple more sponsors in the bag which, given her baby news is a result. All her sponsors have been so supportive of her taking time out this year.

She hasn’t quite stopped riding yet, and I spent an extremely chilly evening at Easton College with the girls from the yard watching Ros and Caroline‘s latest demo. Very interesting, but we all took the entire drive home to warm up.

So there it is, over for another year. And I am now working on Don’t Fk Up February on the alcohol free mission!

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