Terms & Conditions

Payment information

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required when ordering a website. When a design has been approved, a test site will be activated and the initial content added. When you are ready for the site to go live (or 1 month after the test site has been created if that is sooner), the remaining 50% balance is due. Payment in full must be received before any site will go live.


For customers who would like the Manners Media team to add content or update their websites, we currently charge from £40/hour depending on the blocks of time bought – payments are non-refundable. Minimum charge per time-sheeted update/set of updates is 30 minutes. One off updates/sets of updates are charged at £70/hour, minimum charge one hour. (Prices valid January 2021).


The hosting fee varies according to the package bought. This fee covers hosting, basic maintenance, and backing up of the content on a regular basis. Each page has multiple backups so you should be covered in any situation. The fee also covers an annual update of WordPress and any relevant plugins, and is non-refundable.

Technical & Support Information

Our websites are written using web-standard html, css, php and mysql. We make every effort to handle support requests quickly and efficiently, however there may be times when we are unable to respond immediately. We will endeavour to respond to all support enquiries within 24 hours, however no guarantee is given and no compensation is offered. For Clients who choose a bespoke site, we offer higher levels of support, up to 7-day-a-week phone support.

We aim to maintain an average website uptime of at least 98%. Generally, the uptime is much better than this, however we reserve the right to take the website offline periodically for routine maintenance of the system and fault repair as required. We will undertake to carry out these maintenance tasks during non-business hours to avoid undue interruption to the Service and you will usually be given adequate notice of this. However there may be times when this is not possible.

Acceptable Use Policy

We use Heart Internet as our hosting provider, and are bound by their Acceptable Use Policy. We expect our Clients to adhere to ‘reasonable use’ of bandwidth, with available space detailed according to the package bought. If ‘excessive use’ of video content is used (video should be loaded onto youtube and can then be set to run on your webpages), or incorrect use of images and files, we reserve the right to negotiate new terms. We will first give a warning and advice as to how you should correct your website data. If this is not altered by the end of the second month, you will be invoiced additional costs. Your website may be turned off until full payment is received. We reserve the right to remove offending material or in extreme cases deactivate a Client’s website for breach of Acceptable Use.

Termination of an Agreement

Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving the other party 30 days notice of its intention to terminate. All fees are non-refundable, unless Manners Media can be shown to have failed to provide the agreed services. If this Agreement is terminated, the client retains all written page content and all database content pertaining to their website. Photographs remain the property of the photographer. The client can copy this content for re-use, with the possible exception of photographs dependant on the wishes of the photographer. We can provide a copy of this content for transfer. A reasonable charge will be made for this service (from £145, depending on size of website).

Data Protection Statement

This details how we protect the privacy of your personal data and how we will use any data that you send to us. It includes information on the use of cookies and useful links and telephone numbers for the telephone and mail preference services and credit rating agencies. Read it here.

Manners Media website

The information on this Website is intended solely to provide general information on the services offered by Manners Media. No part of this website content may be copied, published or distributed without prior written permission from Manners Media. Unless otherwise stated, all of the copyright and other intellectual property rights are owned by Manners Media.

Manners Media endeavour to ensure that this website is available 24 hours a day, however it shall not be liable if for any reason it is unavailable at any time or for any period. Links to third party websites are provided solely for your convenience. Manners Media is not responsible for the content on these websites and you visit these sites entirely at your own risk. The material on this website does not constitute advice of any kind, whether technical or otherwise. Manners Media excludes all liability for any kind of loss or damage that may result in connection with this website and its use, including loss or damage in relation to computer viruses.

Manners Media office is at: 1 Summerfield Cottages, Summerfield, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE31 8PH